Facebook is the leading social network worldwide and holds the highest market share of social networks in the UK with more than 40 million users. Being on Facebook is probably the easiest way for your business to reach people and potencial costumers by sharing unique content on your page and communicating with your followers effectively. The Facebook advertising campaigns can help you to increase brand awareness, traffic on your website, engagement, app installs, video views increase the number of your „fans”, lead generation, drive valuable actions on your website and get more people to get to know you.


Google AdWords is a fairly complex marketing tool, which allows you to achive a distinguished position for your business in the Google search result list. Of course, it is not free. The most common form of Google advertisement is text ad that is based on CPC (Cost per Click). So you only pay if somebody actually clicks on your ad. There are other forms of Google advertisements such as banners, videos or pictures on the Google Display Network, mobile or application ads. As Google is the world’s most popular online search engine, it’s a perfect way for you to make your business more visible and get more customers.


Instagram is the third popular social network (after Facebook and Twitter) where you can share your personal or professional photos and videos. We can take advantage of it mostly on smart phones but the user profiles can be viewed from your desktop too. This is a very useful tool for making your brand’s visual communication more efficient. By using hashtags you can even reach people from all over the world. You can show your products, your employees, increase the number of your followers and promote your values.


Tumblr has more than 420 million users and has become a goldmine for anyone wanting to spread brand awareness. In addition it continues to grow at a rapid pace. You can use Tumblr as a blog and publish in-depth posts along with images, texts, quotes, links, chats, audio and videos. If you want to share your content, want people to get to know you and build a strong personal or professional relationship with your potential costumers, Tumblr is the right online marketing platform for you.


Twitter is a great social media platform for engaging with your target audience and interacting with them. It is about creating and sharing your original content with people from all over the world. If you really care about your target audience and want to get engaged with them, Twitter is a great way to do that. By using a great Twitter marketing strategy you can boost your brand’s visibility, share your values with people and increase the number of your customers and followers.


What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a social media platform with more than 70 million users worldwide. Why is it good for your business? Well, you can share your content here in form of photos or blog posts. Thanks to its visuality, it’s a highly liked platform among younger, and even older generations. You can create different themed „boards” where you can „pin” pictures that are viewable for everybody. Moreover people can share your content, therefore your business could get more visible. If you want more people to get to know you and see what you have to offer, choose this platform.