What is link marketing?

We talk about link marketing if a website puts your link on their own website. If a lot of people refer to your web page, the search engines will rate your website relevant, therefore its rate, PageRank will rise.

It maybe sounds simple, but in reality there’s a little twist in it: the search engine will rate only those links positively which are on websites with good PageRanks. Thus you need to pay attention, so that your link won’t appear on websites qualified as spam with bad scores. A typical example of link marketing is when your link appears in an article or a page footer of a website.

Link marketing and keywords:

Based on the definition of Semantic Web, it’s not only the matter of how many valuable links lead the internet users to your website – but also what the Anchor Text says. The browser will figure that on the page which the link shows to users can find the content which was written under the link. For example a link is highly valuable for your perfume distributor website if the text under your link says „perfume selling”.

Meaning of link exchange:
It is an other link-earning opportunity if you offer a link exchange to a page. However, you should pay attention here, because if Your link shows to a page where there is a link leading to your page – Google filters it out – and it won’t be rated. If this happens we apply the „round linking” – we provide valuable links to each other by involving several pages without creating „crossing links”.

Link marketing and Off-Site SEO or direct sale:
Link marketing mainly serves to enhance Off-Site SEO and search engine optimization settings. In addition it is not uncommon that there can be a specific conversion from the given link.

Dangers of link marketing:

Like everything else in online marketing, it is important to do link marketing based on a precise strategy, expertise and attention. Links on bad websites or applying black-listed link collection methods can ruin the whole SEO of your web page. It’s not easy to get off Google’s Black List, and it’s even harder to build again something once you’ve already built it.

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